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Industrial filters are an extensive category of products available in our range. We know that industrial machines require the use of filters for various purposes, properties, sizes and shapes, which is why we give our customers a choice from a wide variety of both standard and innovative filtration solutions.

Industrial filters – our offer

We offer a lot of articles of two main groups of industrial filters: air filters and liquid filters. We provide oil filters and hydraulic filters adapted to various construction systems and devices. We offer products with different inlet and outlet diameters, having additional properties (explosion protection) or supplemented with other elements (e.g., airlocks).

If you are looking for more detailed information, we encourage you to read a brief description of the different types of filters available in our assortment.

Air filters

This is the most commonly used group of industrial filters. It covers several subgroups of products, including: compressed air filters, intake air filters and exhaust air filters. Such articles are used both in industrial premises (filtering the air inhaled by employees in factories and plants), as well as machines (pumps, turbines, compressors, motors or agitators that do not function properly with a high level of air pollution).

Fuel filters

Those are elements that protect the engine from the effects of contaminants present in the fuel, such as dust, water or rust. The lack of this type of filter or its improper functioning can have serious consequences – even small particles are able to significantly reduce the efficiency of the combustion process, increase the level of fuel consumption and disturb the operation of the power unit.

Oil filters

Oil filters are responsible for cleaning the engine oil – lubricant used in internal combustion engines. These elements stop contaminants that get into the engine with air or fuel, and also remove the waste generated as a result of the operation of the drive unit itself (e.g. dust resulting from abrasion of moving engine parts). Oil filter functioning incorrectly can lead to disturbances in the functioning of the engine, increased fuel consumption and even overheating or damage to the drive unit.

Hydraulic filters

Those items are used with emulsions and oils and are installed in hydraulic systems. There are many types of hydraulic filters, differing in terms of operation, construction, and interchangeable elements. Filters of this type are valued for high parameters and properties, such as ability to obtain liquids with a very high purity, long service intervals, economical operation.

What makes our industrial filters stand out?

The filters offered by our company are spare parts which are distinguished by effective filtration at a high load of the filtration membrane. These are also articles adapted in terms of technical parameters to work in difficult conditions: with high dustiness, high humidity, extreme temperature conditions. The products offered by Aserto are highly efficient and also economical – their increased lifetime reduces the costs associated with the parts replacement, their effective protection also prevents any possible (and expensive) damages to the machines.

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Industrial filters - buy online

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