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In our assortment of spare parts we have also tools and maintenance products. Among them, you can find products with a variety of uses, divided into categories:

hand tools – including keys, caps, screwdrivers, hex keys, knives, pliers, cutters, hammers, hand saws and many more,
measuring tools – including measuring tapes, angle bars, contours, as well as digital meters and testing instruments,
pneumatic and hydraulic tools – including impact wrenches, pneumatic grinders, hydraulic lifts and spreaders,
machine tools and accessories necessary to prevent downtime in an industrial plant

We furnish high-quality products of reliable producers (BETA, METABO, HITACHI, GEDORE, KLINGSPOR, BOSCH, YATO, FLUKE, WERA and many others). We encourage you to contact our specialists who will help you choose the right tool.


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