PVD coatings

We offer PVD coatings for:

• tools used with plastics (dies, punches),
• cutting tools (milling cutters, drills, lathe tools, taps, countersinks, reamers, etc.),
• molds (for casting aluminum alloys, for plastics (with fillers), processing of rubber products, etc.),
• machine parts,
• decorative elements.

PVD coatings

There’s also possibility to coat the elements using the Duplex method (nitriding plus PVD coating).

We provide comprehensive service including:

• consultations and advice regarding PVD coatings,
• removal of old PVD coatings,
• abrasive blasting,
• tool sharpening,
• minor material alterations (if necessary and after consultation with the client),
• metallographic examination to determine the composition of PVD cover,
• coating quality testing,
• applying PVD coatings of:

• TiN
• TiCN
• AlTiN
• CrN
• CrN – multi-layered
• VzrN
• AlCrN

PVD coatings

The scope of services is always selected depending on the client’s needs.


PVD coatings catalog

Download the catalog (4 MB)